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Jawline Acne: Symptoms and Solutions

Jawline acne, is probably one of the more subtle, but more irritating forms of acne. While some would rather have jawline acne rather than acne on their forehead or cheeks, the placement of the jawbone added with acne can make for quite an uncomfortable experience. Causes of Jawline Acne

Toothpaste for Acne

The oldest trick in the books for natural home remedy acne treatments is using toothpaste for acne treatment.  Many parents are quick to dab some onto their teenager’s pimples, but there really may be some merit to the old ways. While the “toothpaste for acne” mantra may or may

Top 10 Acne Treatment

Trying to find a top 10 acne treatment that actually works is a lot more challenging than most people realize – and probably a lot more challenging than it really should be. Thankfully, though, we’ve put together this quick list of some of the very best acne treatment solutions

Does Tanning Help Acne?

Millions and millions of people have finally come around to better understand the dangers of modern tanning beds. Some of the negative things tanning beds can cause include ultraviolet damage and skin cancer. However, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that tanning beds may be able to positively impact your

How to Get Rid of Redness from Acne

If you’ve been struggling with redness caused by acne, the odds are pretty good that you’ve at least looked into tips and tricks to help you figure out how to get rid of redness from acne. Unfortunately, you might not be all that happy with the “secrets” you’ve uncovered. Honestly, the