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Acne Medications That Work

There are literally dozens and dozens of different over-the-counter options you’ll have available to pick and choose from when you’re looking to get rid of acne and find acne medications that work. Many of these over-the-counter options are acne medications that work well, but a lot of them are

Acne Clinic

Trying to track down the best acne clinic for your specific needs is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as most people would make it out to be. In fact, finding the right acne clinic to treat your specific skin conditions can be a real challenge – especially

Understanding The Relationship Between Hormones, Birth Control and Acne

For millions of adolescents entering puberty, the early and mid teen years can be a time of changes, challenges, and adaptation. One particularly challenging thing for many teens to deal with is the sudden onset of acne that results from hormones. In addition, to those hormones that are produced by