Why Saltwater Pools are Good For your Skin

Why Saltwater Pools are Good For your Skin

This is a guest post by Laurie, who loves to write about keeping your pool clean and maintenance.

Saltwater Pools are becoming increasingly popular even though chlorine pools dominate the pool share. One of the reasons why salt water pools are becoming is because they have a number of benefits. The most relevant one here is that chlorine pools are bad for your skin, but salt water pools are awesome!

Damages Hair, Skin & Eyes

smoky blondeIf you’ve swam consistently in a chlorine pool then you’ll know that this chlorine is damaging. In fact, it causes your skin and scalp to dry out and damages your hair follicles. A good way to prevent this is by soaking your hair in water before hand (so your hair will soak up less chlorine) and using all natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar.

The folks at acneskindisorder talk about apple cider vinegar a LOT so you know it’s a good, natural product.

The thing that I hate most about swimming in chlorine pools is that it hurts my eyes. It’s hard for me to keep my eyes open under water for longer than a minute PER SWIMMING session. If I keep them open under water longer than that then they really start to burn and can hurt for HOURS after.

While goggles definitely help to protect eyes I hate manually adjusting the straps every time and having to put them on. I prefer swimming without them so it’s tough to do so with a chlorine pool.

Salt Water Rejuvenates

In case you didn’t already know, salt water pools still actually contain chlorine. It just contains a LOT less so the chemicals are less harsh on your body. However, the salt water actually serves to help keep your skin moist and will reduce the damage done to you making it a LOT easier on your body.

Additionally, your eyes and hair won’t really be affected much because of the low amount of chlorine. Contrary to popular belief, there actually isn’t that much salt in salt water pools and it is about 1/10th-1/5th the amount of the ocean. Some swimmers claim they can’t even notice the salt.

With that in mind it is easy to see why it is so gentle. The salt won’t sting your eyes or any other body openings and you’ll hardly even know it’s a salt water pool!

Other Health Benefits

Being sore sucks!Salt water contains bromide which will help muscle aches and pains. If you’re hurting after an intense workout then swimming is definitely a great alternative exercise – especially swimming in salt water pools.

Salt water pools are also good for your nails – helping your cuticles, and giving your nails a nice sheen.Although this isn’t the biggest health benefit, it’s still nice to have good looking nails without calcium deficiencies.

Finally, many people have allergies or bad reactions to chlorine. This is because it is such a harsh chemical. Because salt water pools have so much less chlorine most guests and people do not have trouble with salt water pools.


Salt water pools are a lot better for your health than chlorine pools. Yes, they are a little more expensive up front but when you consider all the health benefits it is definitely worth it.

It’s healthier for your skin, hair, nails, and muscles – who wouldn’t want the benefits of all these things?


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Laurie is a long time pool owner and mother of 2. She enjoys writing about swimming pools on her blog, Ultimate Pool Guide.


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