Jawline Acne: Symptoms and Solutions


Jawline acne is probably one of the more subtle, but more irritating forms of acne. While some would rather have jawline acne rather than acne on their forehead or cheeks, the placement of the jawbone added with acne can make for quite an uncomfortable experience.

Causes of Jawline Acne

Jawline acne can be itchy, and seemingly reoccurring, because of the close proximity of long hair, and hands for head resting.

While jawline acne can be annoying and can be attributed to external dirt, many women suffer from this type of acne for other reasons. Draw a straight line from the corners of your mouth to your ears. If you have acne anywhere lower than that imaginary line you just drew, your acne could be a result of hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone normally contributes to breakouts, so if you are experiencing a lot of acne in that specific area, and you don’t touch your face that much, see a doctor assess the cause of your specific case as you may require special treatment.

Types of Jawline Acne

The acne in this area can be cystic and “invisible,” meaning it lies under your skin, making it hard to see. Blackheads around this area may also be bigger, allowing for more dirt to clog the pores. While topical cream might not help alleviate the pain, applying creams with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%, twice a day on clean skin can help reduce the current acne, and future acne by breaking down the dead skin and keeping it out of your pores.

Witch-Hazel also works well to ease the incessant itching and irritation that comes with jawline acne. Applying this solution with a cotton ball to affected areas twice, sometimes 3 times a day helps keep skin clear of built-up oils, and keeps your skin fresh.


While jawline acne can hurt, the biggest and most over-used piece of advice is, DON’T TOUCH IT. Your hands are in constant contact with dirt, and millions of germs, so adding that to the mix of your already irritated face proves to be the worst thing an individual can do.

While it is tempting, prodding at the cyst-like acne can irritate it further under the skin and make your entire jawline flare-up.