5 Best Foundations for Acne-Prone Skin


Many people suffer from acne, and as girls, we try to cover it up as best we can. Below is a list of the best foundations for acne-prone skin; depending on your skin type some might work better than others, but whenever trying make-up products just remember to keep trying different ones until you get the look you want.

Most important before applying any face cosmetics, make sure to thoroughly clean your face, apply astringent (so your pores close and you don’t clog them with makeup), and apply moisturizer.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Makeup

This foundation is hardly talked about in the world of MAC and Ulta Beauty. However, as a close replica of Bare Minerals, revisiting this drug-store dupe could save you hundreds of dollars in the future. This makes it not only extremely effective but also cost-efficient – which why it’s the first on our list for the best foundation for acne-prone skin.

Physician’s Formula has a number of loose powders that allow the user to have a lightweight coverage that helps keep shine to a minim. These powder products also have different levels of coverage that allows the user to have a variety to choose from.

Since their products are also Talc-Free, it helps reduce clogged pores and eliminates the shine that many of us deal with after a few hours of applying makeup products.

Additionally, this brand has a liquid foundation that could be used to cover up the heavier blemished areas to keep your face looking at your best.

Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Foundation

Many who use Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Foundation love the fact it incorporates salicylic acid into the product. Salicylic acid works by increasing moisture in the skin and allows for your skin to shed cells.

This is important because when you are able to shed the skin, you can rid the bacteria and germs that clog your pores. While this foundation is great for the light-weight feel, it doesn’t always cover the worst cases of acne or acne scars.

Revlon Color Stay 24-Hour

Revlon Color Stay 24-Hour has been used and raved about by many beauty users.

The biggest thing that makes this foundation unique is their time-release technology that helps your skin looking flawless all day. It also has a light, smooth feel that is comfortable to put on.

The liquid foundation can be found in a variety of color options and ranges from combination/oily skin to normal/dry skin.

With these options, the foundation gives the user complete and full coverage that can withstand your everyday routine. It dries to a matte finish leaving you ready to take on the world and acne free!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Liquid Foundation

The brand Rimmel is not widely talked about, and we’re not sure why. Their liquid foundation is fantastic.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Liquid Foundation is a great foundation for acne-prone skin because it incorporates sun-screen which will help keep your skin healthy too.

It’s extremely easy to apply and blends very well, but we can’t tell you about its great coverage and matte finish. The best part is that it definitely lives up to its name – it will last you the whole day. We’re not sure if it really does last the claimed 25 hours, but we still know it will last you long enough for a night with the girls out!

At less than $7.00 this flexible foundation is a steal. In fact, one of our writers wears nothing but this and swears that you won’t need to try any other foundation after you get your hands on it.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

This lightweight foundation gives the user a medium coverage that buffers breakouts and covers red spots. The Fit Me foundation has a wide array of pigmentation for different skin types.

Maybelline claims it “covers and eliminates the look of pores and achieve(s) natural-looking skin with this lightweight, mattifying foundation”, and we have to agree with their claim!

It is important to note that this foundation is made for normal to dry skin, so before applying it, be sure to clean your skin and pat dry for maximum results.

Best Foundation for Acne-Prone Skin: Conclusion

While these are our favorite 5 best foundations for acne-prone skin, remember that the effectiveness of each one depends on a lot of factors. In fact, you may want to consult with your doctor or dermatologist to see which they recommend for you.

Regardless, we’re confident that you’ll love at least one of them. If you’re looking for a concealer to hide more severe acne or acne scars then we highly recommend these concealers.