Bacne Scars: Prevention and Reduction


Bacne, or acne on the back, is the most popular bodily acne losing out only to facial acne. Bacne scars are scars caused by bacne and can be tough to get rid of.

Bacne scars form because of picked at acne or scarred skin that came as a result of having acne. Whatever way you got them, they are always annoying nuisances.

With all of that being said, before learning how to treat it, it is important to know how to prevent the scars from happening. It is essential to follow a stricter skin regiment for your back compared to your easy to reach and available face. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to try and soothe your skin, and help the scars disappear.

How to prevent Bacne Scars:

  1. Keep your skin clear this is an obvious “Duh” to many, but the next time you take a shower, think hard about the last time you reached further down past your shoulders, or sides. The middle of your upper back is the most commonplace that people get acne, and if not treated, bacne scars. It is recommended that you use a shower scrubber, but before picking up just the cheapest one, make sure you check the bristles. Just like your toothbrush, the bristles must be soft. This will allow you to scrub off all the dirt and grime from the hard to reach places, without irritating or scratching the acne that is already present. This is important because harsh bristles may irritate your back and damage existing acne, which can cause more bacne scars.
  2. Take off any sweaty clothes just like you splash of cold water on your face after a workout, your back is probably dying for a fresh breath of air. Taking off that sports bra, or sweaty shirt will help your pores dispose of the sweat. This also prevents them from getting blocked up, thus reducing the chance you will get bacne. The less bacne you get the fewer bacne scars you will get!

Reducing Visibility of Bacne Scars

Preventing bacne is one thing, but if you already have bacne scars you’ll want to check out these awesome tricks to make them look almost non-existent.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel While it is ALWAYS better to get the goods from the source, some may not have Aloe Vera plants growing in their backyard. If you are one of those lucky individuals, stop reading, go outside, cut a section and apply the gooey inside to your scars! But if you don’t have the plant growing, buying a gel from a store can provide some relief. If buying at the store, make sure to get the one that has the most amount of Aloe Vera. In both instances, apply the treatment to the affected areas twice a day if possible, and over time the scars should lighten.
  2. Coconut Oil Yes, the stuff of the Gods. Coconut oil can be used to fix everything from inflammation to a popped tire (okay just kidding with the last part). Best of all it can be used to help lighten your annoying bacne scars. Putting coconut oil on your skin every once in a while helps the inflammation of your current pimples decrease and lightens existing scars. Since it also helps old skin cells to shed so new ones can form, it does great when used on scars.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar serves as a great toner. The vinegar’s pH quality helps balance the pH levels in the skin and can also help lighten scars over time. Many use the natural astringent after showering but be warned, it smells a little funny. It is recommended that you dilute the mixture a little bit as to not cause irritation of your skin. Apply it before you shower, allow it to dry and then rinse the mixture off.

Even though bacne scars can be annoying and frustrating at times, just remember that the best remedy is time.

Scars will fade, and it is not worth worrying about until it does. If you don’t see results with the tips provided above, just let your body run its natural course.

Hormones and acne go hand-in-hand, and while everyone wishes they had perfect, flawless skin, the harsh truth is that those with it are blessed by the genetic gods.

Don’t worry. Everyone is made differently!