How to remove pimple marks


For 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30, acne has been a problem. Whether it is a single pimple or repeated outbreaks, acne can be an eyesore that even leads to scarring if not taken care of correctly. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review how to remove pimple marks.

The Cucumber: Your Key To Success

Cucumbers are known for being rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. While not the first choice when considering how to remove pimple marks, they are surprisingly effective. Use a food processor to turn the cucumber into a finely diced semi-liquid spread. Apply to the pimple mark and let sit for several minutes. The cooling effects on the pimple will gradually help heal the skin and reduce the swelling and redness caused by a pimple.

Baking Soda: An Option For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you will not have that many options for removing pimple marks without causing further damage. Thankfully, if you are looking into how to remove pimple marks, then baking soda should be your top choice. Taking baking soda and water, mix together until you get a paste. Apply the paste to your face before going to bed and remove it in the morning. With any luck, you will see improvement and a reduction in pimple marks.

Steam: A Simple Solution

Steam is one of the oldest answers to how to remove pimple marks. Steam opens up the pores on your face and allows for oils to leave your skin instead of being blocked. Also helping to remove bacteria, steam helps to lessen pimple marks as well as stop them from forming in the future.

Lemon: A Natural Acidic For Your Skin

Lemon juice may be among the strongest home remedies that can answer the question of how to remove pimple marks. With the active ingredient being L-ascorbic acid, lemon juice disinfects the skin in and around a pimple, clears out the pores, and prevents future pimple marks.

Along with these homegrown how to remove pimple marks solutions, there are also over the counter as well as prescription options available to you as well.  In the end, whatever the pimple mark removal technique you choose will be dependent on the nature of your personal physiology as well as how much you are willing to spend. For now, these home remedies will help you begin to address how to remove pimple marks.


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